INTJ Type Development

Like all other INTJs, I developed my Dominant Introverted iNtuition (Ni) as a child and adolescent, often becoming lost in fantasies and being accused of daydreaming.

In my early adulthood, I began to discover the strength of my Auxiliary Extraverted Thinking and quickly found my niche in project management.

In my late 20s and early 30s, my Tertiary Introverted Feeling began to cement my strongly-held personal values, somewhat accelerated by the untimely death of my father at that time.

My late 30s and early 40s saw me exercising my Extraverted Sensing, manifested by an interest in martial arts, massage and dancing.

Now that I’m in my 50s, I’m having fun flexing my other CP “muscles”, especially Extraverted Feeling and Introverted Thinking (with some help from my INFJ wife). I must admit that I still have problems with Extraverted iNtuition and Introverted Sensing, however.

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  • Hi! Your Post “INTJ Type Development” is very interesting for me. Unfortunately my written English is not so good so I write in German: Dir, meinem liebsten, geh

  • Thank you very much for this information, In fact i think a lot of people are in my position, I have been misdiagnosed as an autistic {high Function Aspergers} due to my social reactions, mind you it was based completely on this fact, I have not had behavior problems, well no more than any other child, But doctors insist that I am. I say let them they don’t have a clue : ) anyway thanks I feel semi normal again or at the very least validated by knowledge I have found to be consistent with the way I am.

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  • [...] to Dr. Harold Grant, we all develop proficiency with our conscious cognitive processes at different stages in our [...]

  • Interesting reading. Got to apply this to myself.

  • Jon

    One thing you mentioned which struck a chord with me was your mention of daydreaming.

    I remember an incident in the 6th grade when my mom wanted to speak with me and said my teacher had called. My teacher said she observed me often staring out the window, seamingly daydreaming and oblivious of the lesson, and she would occasionally have to call my name a couple times to get my attention.

    I was pretty much getting straight As so the whole thing never amounted to much.

    Reading more about my personality type has certainly enlightened me with respect to many incidents in my past which stuck out in my mind, but for which I hadn’t yet come to strong conclusions.

  • Very interesting. In the past few years I’ve been developing my extraverted sensing a lot too, with martial arts and meditation and photography. I’m still very much an intuitive type though, for better or for worse. :D

    Could you recommend a good link to more information on these eight modes? I’m not sure what the difference between extraverted and introverted intuition is, for example, and I’d like to learn more about this. Thanks in advance!

  • admin

    Axcho, to learn more about the cognitive processes, I suggest the audio CD, “The 8-Level Model of Psychological Type” which you’ll find on the “Recommended Reading” page:

  • Functianalyst

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you and Vicky Jo for all of the information that you provide for us. She has been immense in helping me determine my best fit type and I miss her insights at the forum. Tell her that “?” says hello. Just one thing that I wanted to mention about Jung. I know there is debate over whether he is INTJ or INTP. However from [url=][b]this youtube[/b][/url] video, Jung seems to clearly claim that he prefers thinking added with intuition and his weakest function being feeling. That seems to imply that he is INTP don’t you think? Again thanks for all of the wonderful reference material you provide and I will try not to quote Vicky Jo so much on the forums.

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  • Luciano

    I developed my tertiary Introverted Feeling when i was 17, my Extraverted Sensing is in develop (i think), i’m learning Aikido at the moment, but also plan to learn kung-fu or Judo, as for Introverted Sensing, i developed it at the same rate as IF, when i was 17 (some tough times back then). Now i’m 20 and i’m pretty aware of people’s reaction to things, how they cope with certain situations, and how i can understand them (i just love psycology, between some other things)

    I’m out!! i just found a very interesting book =), good night

  • brittany

    i seem to be a less extreme INTJ type. the majority of the personality traits fit me perfectly, and they fit me about 90-95% of the time. but some of the stuff doesnt describe me: i read something about INTJs like to correct people’s grammar. while i do that sometimes, people usually correct mine, mainly because i’m too lazy to bother with it. also, i do care about people’s feelings and not wanting people to get hurt, to an extent.

  • Joy

    Its so interesting to hear other accounts of INTJs I also have a very strong N, iv often been accused of not paying attention or being aloof also! someone will be speaking to me and ill look out the window or look at the airplane flying over head witch i have since become much more aware of since its been brought to my attention by more than a few people. im the youngest in a family of 6 being the only introvert I play the role of peace maker. since my whole family is a ENxx type i developed a very strong S even though sensing is normally the least used characteristic in INTJs. iv recently developed a strong F that i didnt have when i was younger but my extroverted thinking has lowered quite a bit. and anything psychology related is extremely interesting to me Im going to college for neuroscience and behavior! :)